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Russell Brand on The 3 Biggest Myths About Motivation That Won't Go Away

In the video Below Russell Brand talks about the 3 myths about motivation and other various topics.

Russell Brand - kintsugi

The video Description.....

Have you been told to do any of these three motivation techniques? Did they work? Research reveals some of the main tips we are told to help succeed and motivate ourselves - but there is no scientific evidence that they actually work, in some cases they are productive! But on a spiritual level - why do we feel the need to succeed and motivate ourselves all the time? What are you trying to achieve? What are your goals? Our culture teaches us that we must be successful and powerful - and in order to do that we must keep motivating ourselves to achieve, consume and attain. Is this helpful to our mental health and the health of our culture? What's wrong with no having a job? Meditating and spending time with loved ones all day? What effect will AI have on this job lead culture?

Russel Practicing the Art kintsugi

Russell Brand on Twitter

Russell Brand has many other great videos on his YOUTUBE channel Check them out.

Russell Brands [YOUTUBE]

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