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Jennifer Aniston on the The Power of Waiting and how it generated success

The Power in Waiting.

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston Leads the Way for Female Entrepreneurs

Jennifer Aniston is a household name who we all feel we know having grown up with her within our popular imagination for over 25 years.

From the kooky household character, Rachel Green in ‘Friends’ to the endless backstory speculation streaming over her private life, Jennifer Aniston encapsulates the unique.

A girl next door persona with a sharp back beat business acumen that gives her a valuable currency.

Jennifer Aniston's Net Worth is Reported to be worth $240 Million, it is no coincidence that Aniston is at the top of her game.

Her current role as both actor and executive producer in ‘The Morning Show’ provides the foundation for the launch of the new network, Apple TV. Aniston’s decision to return to the small screen after all this time proves that she knows when to wait and when to stake her prey.

Jennifer Aniston first Friends Episode

Since the success of Friends in 1994 Aniston has focused solely on making movies and the return to TV marks a historical change with the actors direction.

The wait has been worth it. Her strategic return has negotiated the value of a reported $2 million per episode. ‘The Morning Show’ which has already been recommissioned for a second series ensures that her handshake with a new streaming service is a confident one.

Jennifer Aniston’s debut onto Instagram also insured her a golden spotlight moment that marked a valuable point in her career. After holding silence over her private life the entry into social media taught us a sublime lesson on how to master marketability at its height.

Whilst celebrities were busy promoting their philanthropy, products and the personal,

Aniston waited it out. Under intense media scrutiny that at times became a bully board for the notion of what it is to be female. Aniston refused to comment.

When the endless speculation over broken relationships created a public narrative, a coloured in narrative based on a blend of Rachel Green and Aniston’s Hollywood ‘Otherness’

She didn’t respond.

When Aniston chose to engage. It was with a smile and a positivity that capitalized on a new venture and the timing was perfect.

The Power of Waiting = Triumphing over Adversity.

From very early on in her career Jennifer Aniston has possessed the instinct for trusting her gut and going with what felt right.

Taught in a Waldorf school environment her early education focused on developing individuality in a holistic manner. Later on in life, Aniston was diagnosed as dyslexic and remembers the diagnosis as a eureka moment of “Great Discovery!”

Sufficient in honing her practical skills and being resourceful with embracing the challenges dyslexia presented, Aniston has championed a relentless mindset in the face of adversity.

“I thought I wasn’t smart. I just couldn’t retain anything. Now I had this great discovery. I felt like all my childhood trauma-dies, tragedies, dramas were explained.”

Brought up in California. Aniston followed her father’s footsteps in acting, against his advice.

“He didn’t want me to be heartbroken because he knew it was a tough business. It compelled me to go for it even harder..”

Aniston’s early acting career saw her in small sitcom parts before landing the part of Rachel in Friends. Her tenacity for working toward her dream alongside recharacterizing how she viewed herself academically provided the foundation for her eventual success and when she finally got the break, Aniston felt the timing was right.

“I just had this deep feeling in my gut that somehow something was going to happen, and I just had to be patient.”

The Power of Waiting = Triumphing over Adversity = Capitalizing on Success.

Arguably one of the most popular shows on the planet, ‘Friends’ has not only secured Jennifer Aniston’s presence within the popular imagination. It has also secured a lucrative income. Alongside her co-stars Aniston capped $1 milllion per episode in the last 2 seasons marking her as one of the highest-paid TV actresses of all time. Her share also provides an annual return of $20 million per annum.

With her star already risen Jennifer Aniston has also beat a steady rhythm with a variety of endorsement deals. Her partnerships with companies such as Smart Water and Aveeno have remained consistent and secured her position as a business woman who promotes products reflective of her, “Girl-Next-Door.” persona.

Now in her 50’s and with industry accolades, including an Emmy and a Golden Globe nomination, Jennifer Aniston can boast an established career within the film industry.

Her strength lies in her ability to remain positive and to promote positivity consistently.

The continuous juggle of her public persona with her business platform creates the Aniston stealth that gets results. The secret in her success lies in her ability to adapt and accept change. She advises, “Don’t make plans, make options.”

Aniston’s production company, Echo Films continues to produce valuable work and it’s first-look deal with Universal not only underlines Aniston’s approach to her work but also reflects a philantrophic side.

Aniston describes her production company as,

”An idea, a challenge, something that resonates through all of us... about people finding their voice and finding their way because they help us as listeners and viewers do what we feel we’re trying to do, which is making sense of our lives through the stories of others”


With her current project now streaming Jennifer Aniston is set to make wonderful waves.

The zeitgeist has changed significantly over the 25 years since Friends was born.

The political and cultural climate that we are immersed within now means that transparency and accountability is needed to stay relevant. Jennifer Aniston’s partnership with Reese Witherspoon and the content of this current project marks an exciting time for female entrepreneurs, and whilst we can draw on the nostalgia that is ‘Friends’ we can also engage in the present which is ‘The Morning Show.’

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