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Inky Johnson - Never Give In!

It was on an unusually hot September afternoon in Atlanta, Georgia when we finally reached the leafy suburbs that took us to Inky Johnson’s home. After spending 24 hours travelling from the UK and then exploring both Charlotte and Atlanta, arriving at Inky’s home felt like we had, at last, reached our final destination.

rent belief - Inky Johnson

A few years ago before this moment we were labouring on a building site for less than minimum wage whilst listening to Inky's message. We drew inspiration from Inky. Through inspiration became a desire. Through desire became a reality. Back then we rented and trusted the process. There is something liberating when you trust a process and allow your instincts to direct a project. From the moment the Inky Johnson interview was confirmed, it felt seamless. The Mulligan Brothers fell into synch and the whole plan fell into place. Search for any story on how to overcome adversity and become the very best version of you and Inky Johnson will pop into your feed. Anyone who engages with Motivational Speech and is looking for a strong, positive framework to build on will immediately be attracted to Inky’s honest and uplifting philosophy. A man who has triumphed against the odds and can not only articulate his journey with such power but also has the unique generosity of spirit. A spirit that allows us as individuals to tap into our own journey enough to feel inspired to be our best and to also give our best. From the get go it is clear first hand that Inky Johnson is extremely family orientated. He came straight to us from chaperoning his son’s school trip. Inky’s wife greeted us apologising for her husband for being slightly late whilst warmly welcoming us into their home. Although grand, Inky’s home is a reflection of his demeanour and as you would imagine, beautifully presented with an unpretentious charm that gave us as his guests a sense of a familial comfort. With a benevolent smile and a hospitable welcome, Inky introduced and orientated himself whilst ensuring we had everything we needed. The first thing that strikes you about Inky in person is that there is no ego. Inky Johnson is calm, and self assured. A kind down to earth man who seems to have learned the best lessons from the generosities of the human spirit. From humble beginnings to his sporting days and through to his involvement in community endeavours Inky encapsulates a strength that inspires, nourishes and gives focus to many. In interview Inky Johnson’s delivery was not dissimilar to the speeches we know him from in public. A gifted orator of our times. Inky converses with the same assured hypnotic rhythm that simultaneously draws you in whilst igniting your own inner thoughts. Our conversation flowed naturally and with emotion. Whilst sitting in the intimate setting of his home and without stage or audience Inky brought the same charismatic charm he brings to stage whilst including us in our own journey. Generous and intimate with his dialogue. He listens. He observes and he cares. “You are in the midst of adversity Or just came out of adversity Or it won’t be long until they head into adversity So you need to be prepared either way...” (Inky Johnson’s Grandmother) During our conversation we felt privileged to be able to discuss the rise and falls of his childhood. Much of Inky’s journey resonates deeply with our own struggles with hardship and tragedy. In conversation we were able to explore our shared desire to motivate others and to strive in making valuable connections. How the defining moments and mentors in Inky’s life helped to provide signposts in achieving and creating positive opportunities. How dedication and training gave him his sporting status and through a fatal injury and how he turned this into a triumphant victory. As Inky walked us through his home he paused before asking, “Do you guys like Winston Churchill?” “Yes” we said. Smiling he handed us a print by Steve Penley with an image of Churchill. On the print the words were written. ‘Never Give In.’

Winston Churchill - Never Give In. Gift from Inky Johnson hanging in the Mulligan Brothers Studio

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