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Bugzy Malone Interview - Be Inspired | One Of The Most Inspirational Videos!

As we prepared the room for a sit down interview with Bugzy Malone, we stood in the famed "bat cave" inspired from the Christoper Nolan films not knowing what to expect.

The Mulligan Brothers have followed Bugzy Malone for a few years now, mainly after the release of his successful album (B.Inspired) a body of work that spreads the message of motivation and inspiration.

Moving into the realm of filmmaking and documentaries our goal is to interview the most inspiring people we can.

Online many see the persona of Bugzy Malone, they see the bravado and they judge him to be a street guy who got rich. The moment he walked into the room you understand he made it to this position through meticulous calculations and extreme self belief. Well spoken he introduces himself as Bugzy Malone, a Grime Artist and a business man.

From the start of the interview Bugzy was open and willing to cover all subjects and situations that have happened through the years. Nothing was off the table and this willingness set the tone for the interview.

We started right at the beginning, the early years growing up in Manchester. We go through a life journey, a story of real struggles and a story filled with overcoming a multitude of obstacles. Speaking on Mental Health, homelessness, depression, navigating the business world, mentorship, boxing and much more. This really is an inside look into his mind.

A rags to riches story. A roads to riches story.

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