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27 Rules & Mantras for Success - Mulliganbrothers

October 1, 2017

27 Rules and Mantras used by some of the most successful people on the planet. From musicians to billionaires, it is clear that all of these people are successful and this list may give you a little insight into their mindset.

*If you want to hear more information and reasoning behind these rules, then i'd recommend watching this video.


1. Just do it - Jack Ma

2. Embrace the grind - Dwayne Johnson

3. Earn your respect - Charlie Munger



4. Think outside the box - Bob Proctor

5. Realise your potential - Kevin Hart

6. If you can believe it, you can achieve it - Napoleon Hill



7. Give everything you've got - Dan Bilzerean


8. Create your own circumstances - Bob Proctor

9. Hard work pays off - Kevin Hart


10. Take a chance on doing what you love - Jim Carrey



11. Embrace mistakes - Jack Ma


12. Have enthusiasm for life - Jim Valvano


13. Stay ahead of the game - Warren Buffet


14. Failure is acceptable - J. K. Rowling


15.  Be good and stay good  - Chris Jones



16. Don't lose your passion - Jack Ma


17. Push your individuality - Paulo Coelho


18. Always learn more - Anna Wintours


19. Utilise life's hardships - Charlie Munger


20. Be a problem solver - Jack Ma


21. You are your greatest investment - Warren Buffet


22. Stay true to yourself - Lindsey Stirling



23. Keep pushing - Charlie Munger


24. Hold your dream - Justin Timberlake


25. Be clear and specific in leadership - Anna Wintours

26. Prepare yourself for life's opportunity - Warren Buffet


27. Ignore the critics - Justin Timberlake



I hoped you enjoyed this list, which rule is your favourite?

My favourite is 10



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