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Jim Carrey's one secret to success is....

Jim Carrey is well known in the acting world, more recently though he has be involved with giving speeches and trying his hand to a new passion, art. The knowledge we can gain through the lectures he has given, can give you tremendous insight into the ways of training your mind to work with your physical body towards a common goal.

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Jim has been very clear on his beliefs on manifestation of the mind and asking the universe for what you want. You may have heard of his famous "Cheque story" he wrote himself a cheque for 10 million dollars for acting services, dating it for three years time and just before the date came up he made 10 million dollars on the film (Dumb and Dumber) which grossed over 247.3 million dollars at the box office alone. With a goal tossed out into the universe you plant a seed in your mind, with that you can let go of worrying about the future, you can be present.

" I'm saying, i'm the proof, you can ask the universe for it"

From a young age he gained insight from his fathers life journey. Jim believes his father could have been a great comedian, but his dad never thought it was possible himself. Instead he chose to get a safe job as an accountant to support the family, after a few years he lost this safe job and the family had to do whatever they could to survive.

" you can fail at what you don't want, so you might as well take the chance doing what you love."

You need to ask for what you want, saying a dream out loud can be the difference between a vision and reality. Everything starts with a thought but we must extract this from our minds, cast your words out into the universe and then take action!

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