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Surprisingly Idris Elba's most important thing in the world is......

Idris Elba is widely known for his impressive acting and award winning performances including "Best actor" at the Golden Globes for his lead role in the hit BBC program (Luther) . From the outside looking in, many people can't see past the status he currently holds in the acting world, but the reason Idris is in the position of success is down to sheer determination.

" I want to inspire others, you know there are millions of me sat at home right now and they don't know it"

Success isn't always a clear destination, in fact it never usually is. For most people the beginnings of their journey start at their darkest moment, poverty, loss and usually many failed attempts. These are the hard times and you will never hear a successful story without the tears and the pain. Idris has lived most of his life broke and poor, one thing that kept him going through these years were his dreams. If you can imagine yourself being in a certain position, then you can achieve that thing you want.

" My imagination has always kept me going. You know I just imagined myself collecting awards, just imagine myself getting big parts, imagine myself working with the greatest actors "

Boundaries can stop your progress and you need to eliminate them, many people say aim for the sky but even that can be a limitation because your sky and my sky can be two different targets.


The most important step of taking on your dreams is believing yourself before anyone else does. You can be born with this confidence, although this is usually mistaken for arrogance. On the other hand it can also be developed through determination and failing smart, you will then place faith in yourself, you will reach your destination. Keep your head down and move forward. Push Through.

Mulligan Brothers Motivational Video

At the age of 43 years old Idris is widely considered a success, asking him what he thinks is the most important thing in life produces a surprising response... for him it is happiness.

Continue your hustle, stay happy, push through the pain and " Work hard, sleep less".

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