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Peter Dinklage – How I gave up everything to pursue my dreams.

With mainstream success on the hit HBO series (Game Of Thrones) and award winning performances as Tyrian Lannister it is easy to think he has had a smooth journey to success, but like many of us on the path to our dreams the road can be a hard one to travel.

Leaving his old life behind

Inspired at a young age to act he attended Bennington College. He felt he had a story burning inside that he needed to tell the world, with that he decided he needed to leave his old life behind in pursuit of his true passion.

“ I packed the life that I knew, with socks and a toothbrush into my backpack and slept on couch after couch after couch at friends apartments in New York, until I wore out their rent paying

roommates ”

The early days.

In his heart he was and actor a writer and that’s what he was going to do, the idea of getting a normal job was not one he could easily conceive.

“ I didn’t want a day job I was an actor! A writer”

Like almost anyone pursuing something worth pursuing there will be highs and lows. This was a low point, he conceded to getting a job and began work, first cleaning pianos for over 5 months. He then moved on to maintaining a property, removing weeds and bee’s nests for a year. He was working these jobs simply to afford a spot to sleep on the floor in an apartment. He lived like this for two years, couch surfing and working from paycheck to paycheck . Reluctantly he got a full time job. From the ages of 23 to 29 he worked there.

“ I got a job as a data enterer. I hated that job and I clung to that job. ”

All the dreams and ambitions that he had before the job had died, the dreams of opening a theatre company, the dreams of writing and acting had gone.

His realisation

At 29 years old he made the decision that no matter what, he was going to be a working actor. This required him letting go of the job he so desperately clung onto, letting go of financial comfort, risking his secure mundane life for a risky dream.

“ When I was 29 I told myself, the next acting job I get, no matter what it pays, I will, from now on, for better or worse be a working actor.”

Mulligan Brothers motivational video

Something good happened, he got a low paying theatre job that was adapted into a film. From there he went on to acting role to acting role, working in the arts for the rest of his life.

“ I didn’t know that would happen, at 29 walking away from data processing, I was terrified, 10 years living at a place without heat, 6 years at a job I felt stuck in, maybe I was afraid of change, are you? “

He was hungry with the knowledge that he couldn’t be lazy. His passion was back, burning, now more than ever. This, this drove him.

“Don’t search for defining moments they will never come. The moments that define you have already happened and they will already happen again”

I advise you not to wait

You will get a bit derailed that’s how the journey of success goes, but when you find a rhythm you can keep moving forward. It is never too late to find your rhythm but starting now is key.

“ You just get a bit derailed but soon something starts to happen trust me a rhythm sets in, just try not to wait until like me you are 29 to find it. Some of us never find it, but you will because you are already here.”

Don’t wait for the approval of other people, don’t wait for someone else to dictate your pursuit. Even if the world doesn’t allow you, tell the world with your actions that you are ready.

“We burn very brightly, please don’t ever stop”

“Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try Again. Fail again. Fail better.”

Samuel Beckett

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