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From tragedy to success. The story of Inky Johnson.

He was born in Kirkwood on the east side of Atlanta, a neighbourhood surrounded by crime, drugs and gang violence. Growing up in his grandmothers 2 bedroom house with14 people sleeping on the floor with roaches and rats.

At a young age he evaluated his surroundings and chose not to sell drugs or join gangs like his uncles did, He made the decision that he would go to the NFL in order to get his family out of their situation. Inky and his cousin would race each other every night on their street until one day they were spotted by a Football Coach who offered them free training.

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Inky continued his training everyday and when practise had ended he would be doing football drills alone in the dark. Throughout college he was told by many that he was too small to join the NFL and that he would end up in prison like the rest of his family did. Through adversity and struggle Inky Johnson had made it through college and received a call from his coach to say he was a projected top 30 draft pick and in one season he would become a multi-millionaire.

He won his first game against the California Bears and felt confident going into his second game against Airforce Falcons. During this game a routine tackle turned into a life-threatening injury, and his dream of playing in the NFL had been shattered. Now he is a professional speaker, inspiring millions of people across the world, check out his full story in this video.


" The harder you work, the harder it is to surrender."


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